Graphic-Designing Made Easy With These Platforms

With the arrival of new platforms, GraphicDesigning is now becoming easier, Better for someone who is new in this field. Here we have mentioned 4 tools that makes your work easier

Graphic Design is my Passion

Technology can be a skill or resource. If it is a skill, only a few people with the right knowledge can exercise it, and if it is a resource, anyone can access it to do things in a better way. Today, we will look at some platforms that make graphic designing as easy and accessible as eating a pie. With the growing emphasis on owning digital addresses such as a website, social profiles, etc., a “good design” has become necessary to attract the target audience. If you have been struggling to set a great personality tone for your website/social profiles, we suggest considering the following options to create some stunning designs.

1) Canva

Canva is a pioneering player in the field of designing platforms for non-designers. It is a holistic platform offering services under 5 categories — Free, Pro, Enterprise, Education, and non-profits. Apart from Free and non-profits, other plans are paid versions. Non-profits are free only for registered non-profit organizations. Using this platform, you can also make some great designs for presentations, videos, invitation cards, and more.

2) Appy Pie Design

Appy Pie is an India-based firm dedicated to supporting the companies’ IT development and marketing initiatives, both small and large. The company has an exclusive platform for creating web-based designs called Appy Pie Design. The platform is pretty easy to use and is a boon for non-designers. It offers drag and drops features that anyone with basic computer skills can use to create some stunning graphics. You can make post images, cover images, logo, business cards, and everything that is on your mind! — whether or not you are a designer. Their services can be availed in two ways — Free or Paid. They offer 1 GB of cloud storage and 24/7 support in their paid version. Many brands and individuals are leveraging their services to create effective designs.

3) Adobe Spark

Adobe is a respected name among professionals and designers who swear by its spot-on services. Little do people know that apart from high-end designing platforms such as Illustrator and Photoshop, Adobe also offers a simple designing platform for non-designers, called Adobe Spark. This platform provides services via three plans — Free, Individual, and team. For free, the platform offers only free images and icons that can be used for designing, which is a bit underwhelming. However, other plans offer a plethora of outstanding features.

4) Crello

Crello is a US-based company and offers easy designing tools for non-designers under its free and pro plans. You will find this platform very comprehensive and easy to use. Under the free plan, you can download only 5 images a month, and you will have access to a sea of static images, animated designs, premium stock images, and full HD video clips. Using Crello, you can make social media posts, emailers, web design, documents, or personal stuff within minutes. They have fun features to make the designing process fun for non-designers.

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